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A video production by Telequest, Inc. with support from the American Friends Service Committee and Veterans For Peace

January 2012: While DVDs are no longer available, you may view the program for free on YouTube, either in English or in Spanish. A downloadable version will be available soon.

September 20, 2006: "Before You Enlist!" is the top-rated video on all of YouTube, the most popular site on the Internet for videos (see a larger screen capture).

By the end of the week (9/24/06), "BYE!" receives 7 top-100 honors, including:
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September 15, 2006: The production is complete! Free distribution on the Internet via services such as YouTube will be starting soon. Copies on DVD will be available later in September, here and via the American Friends Service Committee.

The program is being released via a Creative Commons license which – in brief – permits you to freely show and copy the program for noncommercial purposes. No derivative works permitted.

For more info on the license:

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