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A video production by Telequest, Inc. with support from the American Friends Service Committee and Veterans For Peace

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OBJECTIVE: “Before You Enlist!” provides a rational voice to counter the seductive and often deceptive recruiting practices of the U.S. military. The message is not “don’t enlist” but rather to provide young people and their families a more complete picture of the life-altering consequences of joining the military – especially in wartime. Latest version: 2011. Length: 14:20.

The video provides a brief introduction to the subject of military enlistment. For in-depth information, visit the Truth in Recruiting links listed on this page.

Spanish version: "Antes de Alistarte!"

The American Friends Service Committee, Veterans For Peace (VFP), Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, the Coalition for Peace Action and other groups worked with the producers to develop the program.

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